First Grade Math Challenge - Barnyard Edition App Reviews

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Good for numeric drills only

Tried it out and although the review says that it has facts and animals, I tried the first 4 levels and it was only number sentences, no animals, no number models, no animal facts. Cool music, but not what I thought I was downloading.

My 5yr old Daughter LOVES this!

FINALLY! A children's app(for a 5 yr old and Up) that has zero ads! A simple game to help improve and build math skills. Cute Barnyard animals and has multi-able levels! My daughter loves this game, I turned off the timer for now but this game is just so easy to use! Thank you for creating such a wonderful kids game!


It gives a lot of good math


My 5 year old loves to beat the clock and is so proud of himself when he successfully completes a level. I am truly amazed at how quickly he is learning math with this app. Only problem is, is that I downloaded the extended pack and now the program keeps crashing if I scroll down to far where you select the levels.

Awesome simple

My daughter loves it. It's simple, there are no ads, just easy and simple math. Multiple times I heard, "I am learning Dad, I'm really learning".

Love it!!

My 1st grader loves this app! We turned off the timer and app was a success!!!!

"Challenging but fun"

My 6 yr old grand daughter asked me to find her a harder math game. We looked at many and picked this one. The title says it all and it's a quote from her.

Great Learning Game

My kids love the animal facts and I am happy let them "play" this game!

Barnyard Math!

Cool simple math game. My kids like it.

Great for teaching simple math

My kid loves it!

Cute animals!

My daughter loves cows and this is a great way for her to learn math. This is a great app.

Great kids math game!

My kids will love this!

Math is fun

That's what kids will say after taking their challenge and getting more barn animals as they progress. Great game for the little ones!

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